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Facial Plastic Surgery for Men

It’s natural for a man to want to look his best, and we share in each man’s goal of achieving the best result. More men, whether their workplace is an office or a construction site, are exploring their options for facial cosmetic surgery. Depending on the patient’s wishes, men’s facial cosmetic surgery can be a subtle, youthful alteration, or the surgery can be more dramatic in reversing the effects of aging, gravity, and sun exposure. Philadelphia plastic surgeon Joseph DiBello, MD recognizes that the goals for men are often different than those of women and modifies his techniques to custom-suit this purpose. Men typically want improvement without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves after the surgery, and we factor this in to how we approach each procedure.

Facelift for Men

Significant signs of facial aging can obscure a man’s inner youthful vitality, which can impact self-perception and conflict with how he would like to be perceived by others. Dr. DiBello is in tune with the various cosmetic goals men may have for themselves, and is able to develop highly customized facelift procedures that address key areas of aging to restore masculine definition with natural-looking results. Ultimately, a facelift is designed to smooth the loose skin of the face and neck, tighten the underlying tissues, and remove any excess fat. This results in a more youthful, firmer, and fresher appearance. When performing a face lift on a man, Dr. DiBello always takes into account the details, from a man’s hairline and sideburns to his beard pattern.

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Combining Facelift Surgery with Injectable Treatments

Facelift surgery is commonly performed in conjunction with non-surgical treatments to optimize the results. BOTOX® Cosmetic, hyaluronic acid (Restylane®/JUVÉDERM®) fillers, and fat Injections are popular techniques that can be combined with a facelift to treat wrinkles and facial lines, as well as define jawline structure. Most patients are pleased with the results of these minimally invasive procedures. These procedures, however, cannot correct facial sagging or achieve the same results as facelift, eyelid surgery, brow lift, or laser skin resurfacing.

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Eyelid Surgery for Men

One of the most common complaints men make are the visible signs of aging that occur in the eye area. Loose droopy skin on the upper lid, fat bags on the lower eyelids, and a saggy brow can make a man look older, tired, or even angry. Cosmetic eyelid surgery can remove the loose skin and excess fat to smooth the bags underneath the eyes. The result is a more rested, youthful, and alert appearance. Dr. Joseph DiBello performs the upper eyelid tuck through a hidden crease incision, avoiding visibility. For the lower eyelid in men, Dr. DiBello is well-versed in the subciliary approach underneath the eyelashes, which some men may benefit from to tighten the lower eyelid skin, without changing the shape of the eye. If the brows are saggy, then an advanced technique of brow lift may be recommended. With extensive experience in numerous eye lift and forehead lift techniques, Dr. DiBello is able to recommend the best approach for you.

A consultation with Dr. DiBello will help you determine if you are a candidate for eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). At that time, he will discuss what is involved in your personal surgical experience and the best technique for you to achieve a natural, more refreshed result.

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Forehead (Brow) Lift for Men

A conventional or endoscopic forehead lift (“brow lift”) can be used to correct a drooping browline (eyebrow area), reducing the horizontal lines and furrows (worry lines) that often make a person appear angry, sad, or tired. The procedure typically creates a more refreshed, youthful-looking appearance to the forehead area above the eyes.

When performing a forehead lift procedure, muscles and tissue areas that droop or cause creases are removed or corrected to smooth the skin on the forehead to reduce frown lines and raise the eyebrows. There are two surgical methods—traditional and endoscopic—and during your initial consultation the procedure that can work best for you will be recommended. The first approach is the most conventional method where a surgical incision is hidden just above the hairline. Dr. Joseph DiBello also specializes in a minimally invasive form of brow lift using an endoscope, which enables the procedure to be performed with a minimal number of incisions and a quicker recovery time. This procedure can reduce the “heaviness” feeling from the weight of the brow, especially at the end of the day. While the traditional method can sometimes attain a more significant degree of lift, both methods are designed to create smoother, flatter skin on the forehead.

A consultation with Dr. DiBello will help you determine if you are a candidate for brow lift surgery. At that time, he will discuss what is involved in your personal surgical experience and the best technique for you to achieve a natural, more refreshed result.

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Neck Lift for Men

Loose hanging skin on the neck, especially in the front of the neck below the chin, is a common complaint among men. As we age and enter our forties and fifties, the signs of aging may appear as sagging or loosening of the skin below the chin or jaw. The gradual appearance of cords or bands (the “weakening” of the platysma muscle) in the neck and possibly the development of a “turkey neck” or “turkey wattle” (loose hanging skin on the neck) are signs of this aging process. With time, neck fullness and sagging tissues can progress to the point where the youthful definition of the jawline is blurred or lost altogether. Dr. Joseph DiBello restores a more youthful neck appearance by making a small incision behind each ear and one underneath the chin. This neck lift ultimately provides a more refined jaw line through a recontouring of loose, hanging neck skin and surgical tightening of the supportive musculature.

A consultation with Dr. DiBello, in which he will discuss his personalized approach to your surgery, will help you determine if you are a candidate for neck rejuvenation surgery. At that time, Dr. DiBello will discuss the important considerations involved in neck lift surgery for men.

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