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Male Plastic Surgery

At DiBello Plastic Surgery, we have many men approach us about ways they can look their best. Of course, men may have particular objectives for their plastic surgery needs. Their goals could include a more balanced nose, rejuvenated face, or a trimmer waistline. These procedures must take into consideration important factors such as skin thickness, beard growth, and body type, which Dr. Joesph DiBello understands. Although cosmetic alterations such as eyelid surgery, nose surgery, or facial-implant surgery are performed essentially the same way for men and women, it is important that your physician know if you are seeking a more masculine look for your facial features. Maintaining or restoring masculine-oriented features like a chin with better projection, more prominent cheekbones, or a stronger nose are as important to us as they are to our male clientele. As with all of our clients, we make your goals our goals, and achieve the best result for each individual through consistency and expertise that make us an oft-referred plastic surgery center for men and women alike.

At DiBello Plastic Surgery, we understand the specific needs of men and make it a goal to restore the masculine contours of a man’s frame and improve his overall self-esteem and self-image. Dr. DiBello offers a wide variety of cosmetic surgery options specific to men, including:

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