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Facial Plastic Surgery

Aging, sun damage, significant fluctuations in weight, as well as genetic factors may contribute to sagging of the facial tissues and a tired appearance. The way you look and feel affects your self-confidence and often determines how others perceive you. Dr. DiBello offers a full range of tried and true facial plastic surgery procedures designed to improve the appearance of facial features and reduce visible signs of aging, without looking unnatural — that’s The DiBello Difference. Today’s media often features “flash in the pan” procedures that offer short-term minimal results, often with significant potential adverse effects. Dr. DiBello offers the most up-to-date, safe and proven procedures. Aesthetic facial plastic surgery repositions skin and underlying tissues to counteract the effects of time and gravity for a firmer, fresher look. Whether it is droopy eyebrows or upper eyelids, fat pockets on the lower eyelids, cheek jowls, loss of the neck line, hollowness of the cheeks or an under-projecting chin, a consultation with Dr. DiBello will address your personal concerns and goals. Dr. DiBello’s extensive training and experience as a plastic surgeon, along with his personalized approach, will help you achieve a natural and refined appearance. A rejuvenated appearance has been shown to positively alter the way you look and feel about yourself. Dr. DiBello offers a wide variety of cosmetic facial plastic surgery options, including:

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