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Neck Lift for Men

Loose hanging skin on the neck, especially in the front of the neck below the chin, is a common complaint among men. As we age and enter our forties and fifties, the signs of aging may appear as sagging or loosening of the skin below the chin or jaw. The gradual appearance of cords or bands (the “weakening” of the platysma muscle) in the neck and possibly the development of a “turkey neck” or “turkey wattle” (loose hanging skin on the neck, especially in the front of the neck below the chin) are signs of this aging process. With time, neck fullness and sagging tissues can progress to the point where the youthful definition of the jawline is blurred or lost altogether. Dr. Joseph DiBello restores a more youthful neck appearance by performing a small incision behind each ear and one underneath the chin. This Neck Lift ultimately provides a more refined jaw line through a recontouring of the loose hanging neck skin.

A consultation with Dr. DiBello, in which he will discuss his personalized approach to your surgery, will help you determine if you are a candidate for neck rejuvenation surgery. At that time, Dr. DiBello will discuss the important considerations involved in neck lift surgery for men.

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