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Eyelid Surgery


Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is designed to remove excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids.  The procedure can correct drooping upper lids that tend to sag with time and the puffy bags below the eyes. Blepharoplasty can be done as a single procedure, or in conjunction with other facial surgery such as a facelift or a browlift.

Fat and loose skin are removed from the upper eyelid area through an incision that is hidden within the natural eyelid fold. The incision does extend slightly up to the outside corner of the eye towards the eyebrow to allow it to blend into existing creases. When the upper eyelid problem is aggravated by sagging of the eyebrows this can be treated with a browlift.

To treat the lower eyelids, an incision is made just beneath the eyelash line and through this incision the excess fatty tissue leading to the lower eyelid bags is removed and sometimes repositioned and the excess skin and muscle laxity is tightened, without changing the shape of the eye. Occasionally, in younger patients or if the lower eyelid skin tone is satisfactory, a transconjunctival lower eyelid lift can be performed through an incision on the inside of the lid. An additional procedure that is sometimes used is laser resurfacing of the lower eyelid skin to achieve a small degree of tightening combined with the approach through the inside of the eyelid.

A consultation with Dr. DiBello will help you determine if you are a candidate for eyelid surgery/blepharoplasty.  At that time, our plastic surgeon will discuss what is involved in your personal surgical experience and the best technique for you to achieve a natural, more refreshed result.

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