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Can I Get a Flat Stomach After Having Children?

Model posing in black underwear, with her stomach exposed. There is an almost unnoticeable scar on her lower abdomen.The abdomen is among the most common “trouble” areas for many people, and it’s easy to understand why. Hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, and even the natural course of aging can alter the appearance of our stomachs in unwelcome ways. Unfortunately, anyone who has ever given birth has likely experienced these aesthetic changes – such as stretched muscles, loose skin, and buildups of fat – firsthand.

Our renowned plastic surgeon, Joseph DiBello, MD, has worked with many mothers throughout his two-decade-long career. These patients often express frustration at the effects of pregnancy and childbirth on their formerly flat midsections. In most cases, Dr. DiBello recommends that these mothers consider a tummy tuck (known medically as “abdominoplasty”). This cosmetic procedure, which is among the most popular surgeries performed worldwide, was specifically developed to tighten loose skin, repair stretched or torn muscles, and reduce fat in the midsection. Dr. DiBello is familiar with several methods to address these issues in different regions of the abdomen, including the full, or traditional, tummy tuck and the mini-tummy tuck, which predominantly targets the lower belly. No matter their particular area of concern, Dr. DiBello’s tummy tuck patients typically express excitement at their flatter, more youthful-looking abdomens.

Because stretched or torn muscles, loose skin, and belly fat are common concerns for mothers, many choose to include abdominoplasty in the mommy makeover procedure. Designed to comprehensively improve the appearance of the post-childbirth figure, a mommy makeover at our practice is completely personalized to meet the aesthetic goals of each patient. In addition to tummy tuck surgery, mommy makeover patients can incorporate breast, body, or facial enhancement procedures, as well as non-surgical treatments. Prior to a mommy makeover, Dr. DiBello meets with each patient to evaluate their medical history, overall health, and cosmetic priorities in order to formulate a treatment plan.

Are you interested in a tummy tuck, mommy makeover, or one of our other advanced body contouring surgeries? Feel free to contact our practice with further questions.

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