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Plastic Surgery Topics

Demystifying the “Deep Plane Facelift”

While it’s true that procedures like facelift surgery can dramatically enhance a patient’s confidence and quality of life, the rise of social media has made false information about such procedures […]

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4 Myths About Breast Augmentation

Over 300,000 patients* undergo breast augmentation surgery every year, frequently with the goal of creating a fuller, more shapely, and/or more proportionate bust. More options exist to augment the breasts […]

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Breast Lift vs. Breast Reduction

Mastopexy – colloquially referred to as “breast lift surgery” – is among the most popular cosmetic procedures in the country.* In the professional opinion of Joseph DiBello, M.D., F.A.C.S., breast […]

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Can Exercise Reduce Large Male Breasts?

Many of our male patients incorporate activities like push-ups and bench presses into their exercise routines in the interest of firming their chest muscles. Unfortunately, however, patients who suffer from […]

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How to Tell When Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced

Modern materials and surgical techniques have improved the longevity of breast augmentation results, more than ever before – especially when the procedure is performed by an experienced breast surgeon. It […]

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Is There a “Mini” Brow Lift Procedure?

Either because of heredity, age, or a combination of both, you may be troubled by loose or sagging skin on the outer part of the eyes with a flattening of […]

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Can I Get a Flat Stomach After Having Children?

Model posing in black underwear, with her stomach exposed. There is an almost unnoticeable scar on her lower abdomen.

The abdomen is among the most common “trouble” areas for many people, and it’s easy to understand why. Hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, and even the natural course of aging can […]

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5 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Woman sitting in a doctor's office with her face being examined

Because the decision to undergo plastic surgery can be life-changing, it is imperative that the surgeon you choose is highly qualified. That said, what qualifications are necessary? How do you […]

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How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Choosing a plastic surgeon is a very personal decision that should not be made lightly, as you are trusting the doctor with both your health and appearance. There is a […]

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Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Facial Reshaping

In a facial reshaping procedure, the volume of your face is enhanced to attain a fresher, more youthful look. There are several ways for a surgeon to reshape the face, […]

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