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4 Myths About Breast Augmentation

Over 300,000 patients* undergo breast augmentation surgery every year, frequently with the goal of creating a fuller, more shapely, and/or more proportionate bust. More options exist to augment the breasts than ever before, from high-quality breast implants to fat transfer breast augmentation. In the hands of an experienced provider with a well-honed artistic eye, breast augmentation can allow patients to obtain the physique they desire, and many are thrilled with the results. 

Despite its popularity, a variety of misconceptions about breast augmentation exist. Below, Dr. Joseph DiBello debunks four of the most common myths about the procedure.

  1. Breast augmentation creates prominent scarring. While scarring is possible with any major cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation is not known to produce dramatic scars. Moreover, Dr. DiBello takes care to place all incisions in discreet locations, and any scarring that does appear is most often virtually unnoticeable. 
  2. It’s impossible to breastfeed after breast augmentation. Although some believe breast augmentation ruins the ability to breastfeed, this is not the case.* In reality, the placement of implants usually does not interfere with milk ducts – especially when the implants are placed using the submuscular method, which Dr. DiBello typically prefers. 
  3. Implants need to be replaced frequently. Some say that implants need to be routinely replaced, which would understandably deter patients from pursuing the surgery. While patients should plan to replace their implants eventually, modern implants generally last for more than 10 years.
  4. Breast augmentation results look fake. It is possible for breast augmentation effects to be less than satisfactory. With this in mind, a qualified provider should be able to create a balanced, harmonious, and natural appearance with breast augmentation.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon is highly proficient in breast augmentation, and is familiar with many surgical methods to bring patients exceptional results. To find out whether you may qualify for the procedure, feel free to schedule your consultation with Dr. DiBello.

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