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How to Get a More Defined Jawline

A defined jawline can transform the facial aesthetic. As a renowned plastic surgeon, Joseph DiBello, MD, FACS has worked with countless patients who wish to contour the lower part of their face. Many desire a more defined jawline, while others want to address specific aesthetic concerns – including jowls, excess skin, or submental fat (also known as a “double chin”).

Patients with these goals can often benefit from a surgical procedure. For instance, a neck lift can sculpt and tone the jawline, lower face, and neck to create a more robust profile. Meanwhile, facelift surgery primarily focuses on the lower third of the face, frequently addressing age-related concerns in this area. Additionally, patients who want to obtain a stronger jawline or combat a weak or recessed chin may be candidates for facial implant surgery.* 

The first step in determining the best procedure for your needs is to schedule a consultation with an experienced facial surgeon. To learn more, we invite you to contact our practice

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