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What Are My Breast Augmentation Options? Natural vs. Implants

Breast augmentation is a very popular plastic surgery procedure that is designed to enhance the shape, size, projection, symmetry, and fullness of the breasts. At DiBello Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation can be accomplished through the surgical placement of breast implants, natural fat transfers, or a combination of both implants and fat transfers. Dr. Joseph DiBello is highly trained and experienced in a wide range of breast augmentation approaches and fat transfer techniques, and also has extensive breast implant knowledge. His focus with breast augmentation is always on your safety and creating results that look as natural as possible, while achieving the breast dimensions that are most satisfying for you. 

For individuals who desire a more noticeable change in breast size, shape, and projection, Dr. DiBello typically recommends the placement of breast implants. He uses round, smooth-textured silicone gel or saline-filled implants. Choosing the right implant type, size, and projection to accomplish the look you want is a detailed process, which Dr. DiBello approaches both scientifically and artistically. You can expect Dr. DiBello to take meticulous measurements to determine which implants are suited for your body dimensions. He will take the time to discuss the benefits of each type and style of implant that is well-matched to your needs, as well as explain the various incisions and placement techniques that can be used to deliver optimal results. He may recommend combining fat transfers (explained in more detail in the next section) with the placement of implants to add softness, further customize shape, and create an even more natural-looking outcome. 

For patients who are interested in achieving subtle, natural-looking breast augmentation without the use of breast implants, Dr. DiBello can perform fat transfer breast augmentation  using fat harvested from other areas of the body. During this type of procedure, liposuction is used to collect fat from areas of the body that have a surplus, typically the abdomen, thighs, flanks, and/or hips. The collected fat is then purified and injected into the breasts to slowly and carefully create the desired shape and size. The benefits of this approach are the soft, natural results produced, as well as the flexibility and customization it allows during the augmentation process.       

Determining which breast augmentation approach is right for you depends on your unique concerns and goals, and Dr. DiBello will work closely with you to understand the look you desire and design a highly personalized treatment plan that can meet your expectations. If you have questions about breast augmentation and want to learn more about breast implants and natural augmentation with fat transfers, we encourage you to contact DiBello Plastic Surgery to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. DiBello. 

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