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Demystifying the “Deep Plane Facelift”

While it’s true that procedures like facelift surgery can dramatically enhance a patient’s confidence and quality of life, the rise of social media has made false information about such procedures much more accessible. Specifically, many “influencers” flippantly use the term “deep plane facelift” without really explaining what it is. Misusing the titles of surgical strategies like this can cause confusion among potential patients – and even surgeons. 

As a qualified medical professional with more than 30 years in practice, Dr. Joseph DiBello strives to be as transparent as possible when explaining treatment options. With that being said, he urges patients to understand that the “deep plane facelift” is not a new and innovative technique. Rather, when people say “deep plane facelift,” they’re actually just referring to the classic “SMAS” technique. 

Far from a common social media fad, the “full” facelift method has been known to produce results that look natural and last for years at a time. It involves a meticulous reworking and repositioning of the underlying connective tissue and muscle – unlike more outdated (not to mention less effective) facelift strategies, which simply aim to reshape bone structure. 

Because facelift surgery is a major medical procedure, we advise you to put your care in the hands of an experienced surgeon. Dr. DiBello is renowned for his artistry, extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, and welcoming bedside manner. Contact us today to schedule a facelift consultation.   

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