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Liposuction vs. Abdominoplasty: Which Should I Choose?

The abdomen is a common “problem area” among those pursuing plastic surgery. Concerns like stubborn fat, loose skin, and overstretched muscles can make patients want to alter or enhance this part of their body. Thankfully, our Philadelphia plastic surgeon is proficient in various techniques to contour the abdomen. Below, Dr. DiBello compares two of the most popular abdominal contouring procedures at our practice – liposuction and tummy tuck surgery – for patients who are unsure which of these procedures is best for their needs.

Liposuction was designed specifically to target isolated pockets of fat in various areas of the body, including the thighs, hips, buttocks, and – of course – the abdomen.* The goal of this sought-after procedure is to sculpt and tone the physique with the reduction of unwanted fat cells. Dr. DiBello specializes in suction-assisted liposuction (SAL), the traditional technique that involves a standard cannula, as well as power-assisted liposuction (PAL), which is employed with a powered handpiece. 

Meanwhile, tummy tuck surgery (known medically as “abdominoplasty”) can address unwanted fat, as well. With this in mind, however, tummy tuck surgery differs dramatically from liposuction in the way it is performed. In particular, a tummy tuck is meant to address not just fat, but also excess skin and overstretched muscles in the abdominal region. To perform this surgery, Dr. DiBello uses advanced techniques to repair the abdominal muscles, as well as tighten and redrape the skin, for a firmer appearance. In clients with muscle laxity but reasonable skin tone, Dr. DiBello specializes in the “extended mini-tummy tuck” procedure, which provides the same muscle tightening, but with only a bikini cut scar.

While tummy tuck surgery and liposuction are distinct procedures, Dr. DiBello is often able to combine them for a more comprehensive rejuvenation. Patients who have undergone the two together frequently enjoy a slimmer and more sculpted physique. If you are interested in either (or both) of these solutions, feel free to contact our practice

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